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Welcome to the Most Melancholy of Mangos

Hello, and welcome to my website! This is a place where I put old and current projects and blog about programming and other subjects that interest me. Check out my (very early work in progress) implementation of Conway's Game of Life!

I hope to have various web apps, mobile apps, and other various programs up over the next few months!

If you're a potential employer, or just curious, take a look at my resume here.

I do enjoy me some mangos!

Hooray for this delectable fruit!

The other day I was trying to design a logo for the site. The site's name is supposed to reflect the dreary outlook of a mango about to be eaten, so I wanted to go for a mango with a slice cut out, dripping its juices out into the border of the menu bar (that doesn't sound weird at all, right?) I'm not much of an artist, so all I'e managed so far is the stylized mango (notably uncut and generally unfit for serving to party guests!) It'll have to do for now. Next time I go at it, I'm going to use a vector graphics program, so that it'll be easy to scale down.

Contact: welbyseely@gmail.com

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